What Can I See

A dive into Aviation History

Situated on the former RAF Ta’Qali airfield site, the Malta Aviation Museum proudly displays a diverse collection of aircraft, helicopters, airfield ground equipment, and aviation memorabilia spanning from the early days of flight in Malta up to the present day. This remarkable collection includes numerous aviation classics intimately connected to Malta’s rich aviation history. As you step into the museum’s reception area, you’ll encounter Royal Navy aircraft and catch a glimpse of an ongoing restoration project in the workshop.

A Journey Through History

Venturing into the main hangar, you’ll be captivated by a display that showcases the origins of the Maltese Armed Forces, the Air Wing, a variety of jet fighters, classic airliners, helicopters, aero engines, and captivating memorabilia exhibits. Be sure not to miss the adjacent hangar, the Air Battle of Malta Memorial Hangar, where you’ll find the classic fighters that once graced the skies over Malta, including a waiting restoration project featuring a Fairey Swordfish. After exploring the museum’s three primary exhibition hangars, take a moment to relax in the tranquil shaded grove dedicated to a Maltese heroine who provided care and refuge to escaped Allied prisoners and Jews in Rome before its liberation in 1944.

Amenities, Accessibility, and the Gift Shop

Additionally, there’s a cozy cafeteria housed in a Nissen hut and a small chapel devoted to the memory of the fallen aircrew and airmen who bravely defended Malta during WWII. The museum remains open year-round, ensuring an enjoyable visit whether the sun is shining brightly or the rain is pouring (yes, we do experience rain, even in Malta). Don’t miss the opportunity to visit our shop conveniently located in the reception area, where you can purchase aviation-themed gifts for your loved ones who couldn’t join you. Furthermore, ample free parking is available, and buses pass close by the museum, making it easily accessible to all.

Aircraft Exhibit