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Malta Aviation Museum Foundation

The Malta Aviation Museum Foundation, a voluntary, non-profit making organisation, was set up on the 1st November 1994 joining together various associations with the objective of creating a display of unique exhibits related to Malta's rich aviation history.


Since its inception, the Foundation has worked very hard to acquire, restore and preserve a number of aircraft, artefacts and documentation which are of cultural, historical and educational value.



Join the Foundation

If you wish to form part of the Malta Aviation Museum Foundation you are invited to apply to join us as an individual member. Every member is entitled to visit the Malta Aviation Museum for an unlimited number of times free of charge.


Members who wish to give a helping hand are very welcome and encouraged to do so. Members are updated on the activities and acquisitions of the Foundation through Windsock a quarterly newsletter.


Members are also invited to various social activities organised by the Foundation during the year.



The Museum was established in three hangars (Romney huts) in the former RAF Ta'Qali Aerodrome but now has 2 new large hangers, plus a cafe, chapel, memorial garden, air warden hut, toilet facilities etc. The Air Battle of Malta Memorial Hanger was opened in September, 2005 and a new Main Exhibition Hanger in September 2011.

Membership Subscription Fees

Local Members :     €12.00 p.a. 

Overseas Members: £20.00 or €20.00 p.a. (payment can be made in any of these currencies)


To join just download and print this Membership Application Form, and mail it together with a cheque paying the membership fee of 1 year to our secretary at the following address:


Malta Aviation Museum Foundation        

Ta' Qali, ATD 4000       

Malta G.C.


or if you can give us a visit at the Museum you can hand in your application at the Reception desk.


We look forward to meeting you at Ta' Qali.......

Sponsorship and Donations

The establishment of the museum would have never been possible without the hard work of volunteers and financial support received from various local and international organisations since 1994.


The foundation kindly thanks all the volunteers and sponsors for their support throughout the years.


Any person who would like to donate any funds, exhibits or free time to the Malta Aviation Museum Foundation is more than welcome to contact the Director General, Ray Polidano via email


The museum is also striving to enhance its archives with photos relating to aviation in Malta. If you have any photos relating to this topic we would be grateful if you can send a scanned high resolution copy via email


All donations (financial and in kind) will be acknowledged by an official receipt issued by Malta Aviation Museum Foundation.


Thank you for your kind support!

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