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Glider Operations In The Invasion of Sicily: July 1943

In the summer of 1943, the Mediterranean skies witnessed daring operations that would play a pivotal role in the Allied invasion of Sicily. Armstrong Whitworth Albemarles, Handley Page Halifaxes, and Horsa gliders set the stage for Operation Ladbroke and Operation Fustian.

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Brought Down By Scirocco

The 11 November 1941 at 1930hrs two small cargo vessels with provisions bound for Tripoli sailed from Trapani escorted by a torpedo boat. Late that same evening, seven 830 Squadron Swordfish took off to attack the convoy.

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The Arrival of the Giants: The Epic Flight of HMA Old Carthusian to Malta in 1918

Luqa, Hal Far, Ta’Qali- these names have become synonymous with the story of Maltese aviation, indeed with the histories of the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy in the Mediterranean, not least because of their connection with the Second World War. However, it is very rarely realised that the first stretch of land in Malta to serve for the normal landing and take off of aircraft was in fact the Marsa Sports Ground, a relatively large, flat, and grassy land situated at the southwestern end of the Grand Harbour and which everybody referred to as “The Marsa.”

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