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Malta Aviation Museum Chapel

The chapel was built in 2012 by volunteers from the Aviation Museum Foundation including the design and construction of the stained glass windows. It is dedicated to the Royal Air Force and Commonwealth Air Forces Servicemen lost in the defence of Malta. Inside the chapel is a Memorial Book that contains all names inscribed in calligraphy.


The chapel is open to all museum visitors and you may look through the Memorial Book.

Lest We Forget

This publication contains the 'Rolls of Honour' of the Royal Air Force and Commonwealth Air Forces, both aircrew and ground personnel, from 10 June 1940 up to the end of hostilities in Europe.


It also chronicles the Siege of Malta from June 1940 until October 1942.


Other sections:

  • Awards for acts of Gallantry to RAF service personnel

  • Maltas' airfields

  • Fighter reinforcements

  • Memorials

  • The War Graves

  • Surviving Wartime Aircraft


Copies of this book are available from the souvenir shop.


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