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Piper Cub L4H A-65-8

A photo of a similar Piper L4B on board USS Ranger during operation 'Torch'. This was the first operational use for this type of aircraft.

  • David Polidano and Oliver Bennett flew to Germany on Tuesday 14 May, 2013 to examine a Piper L4H ‘project to fly’ which was up for sale. As it was considered to be a worthwhile proposition its purchase followed.

  • The Piper was loaded onto a truck for forwarding to the Aviation Museum in Malta, adding another aircraft to its growing collection.

  • This aircraft is currently being restored and can be seen in the Main Exhibition Hangar.



Brief History

J-3 Cub / L-4 Grasshopper

Trainer / Liaison / Touring Aircraft

The Piper J-3 Cub is a single-engine two-seat light touring aircraft and military trainer and liaison aircraft produced by the US-American manufacturer Piper Aircraft Corporation. The US Army variants were initially designated O-59 and later L-4 Grasshopper, US Navy designation of the J-3 was NE-1


Technical Specifications

Propulsion - Piston Engine

Engine Model - Continental A-65

Engine Power - 64 hp

Speed - 80 kts/92 mph

Service Ceiling - 3.658 m/12.000 ft

Range - 402 km/217 NM/250 mi.

Empty Weight - 290 kg/640 lbs

max. Takeoff Weight - 499 kg/1.100 lbs

Wing Span - 10,73 m/35,2 ft

Wing Area - 16,6 m²/179 ft²

Length - 6,78 m/22,2 ft

Height - 2,03 m/6,7 ft

First Flight - 09/1930

Production Status - out of production

Production Range - 1938-1947

Total Production - 19828

Developed fromTaylor J-2 Cub


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