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Merlins Over Malta

Merlins over Malta - the Defenders returned to Malta - September 2005

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Between June 1940 and December 1942 Malta became one of the most bombed places on Earth. The battle for this tiny island proved to be one of the most decisive turning points of World War II.

The Merlins Over Malta Appeal was established with the sole aim of taking a Spitfire and Hurricane back to the scene of their epic defence, the islands of Malta GC.

Vintage aircraft restoration specialists Vintage Fabrics have been assisting in the restoration of the Hurricane and Spitfire that are on display at the Malta Aviation Museum. Clive and Linda Denney of Vintage Fabrics have made a number of trips to Malta and proposed the idea to take a flying Spitfire and Hurricane back to the fly over the islands, scene of their epic defence in 1942/43. The aim was to take back examples of the 'Defenders of the Islands', the 'Maltese Falcons', so they can again fly over the islands they once fought to save.

The Merlins Over Malta commitment is that the team's time is given on a voluntary basis.  Any funds raised over the amount necessary for the Merlins Over Malta project are also proposed to be donated to the Malta Aviation Museum, the Mark Hanna Surgical Research Fellowship and other selected charities.

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