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RAF Air/Sea Rescue & Marine Craft Section

1940 to 1944

From 1940 to 1944 the RAF operated an Air/Sea Rescue and Marine Craft Section with the key task of saving pilots and aircrew shot down in the waters around Malta. They operated from St Paul's Bay, covering northern searches, Sliema (the Strand) covering north of Grand Harbour, and Kalafrana, covering the southern sector. In total 273 people were picked up from the sea, unfortunately not all of them survived their accident. Not only did the ASR pick-up Allied airmen but also Axis airmen.

Model of High Speed Launch 128

HSL 107 at speed

Scoreboard (pick-ups) for HSL107

Origin of Scoreboard for HSL107 displayed in the UK

Scoreboard for HSL107 in the UK

HSL 128 at speed

Scoreboard (pick-ups) for HSL128

Kalafrana South Slip in 1927

Kalafrana North Slip in 1927

Kalafrana aerial view

Kalafrana aerial view

ASRP1235 on the slip at Kalafrana

HSL166 on the slipway at Kalafrana

HSL100 berthed at the Sliema (the Strand) Base

Props and rudders, the business end!

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