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Airfield Ground Vehicles

The museum has on display a variety of airfield ground vehicles

Lister Auto Truck

Lister Auto Trucks were produced by R A Lister of Dursley, Glouchestershire, from the 1920's up to 1972. Powered by an air-cooled two cylinder diesel engine the transmission and gearbox, which could rotate through 360 degree,s makes it extremely manoeuvrable. The truck at the Museum was operated by the Royal Navy in Malta and was ultimately given to the Malta Police Force who eventually donated it to the Museum.

The truck was refurbished by the Museum back to its original configuration as utilised by the Royal Navy.

David Brown Aircraft Tractor

The aircraft tractor was developed from a similar version that was used for agriculture. Powered by a 4 cylinder diesel engine the gearbox had three forward and one reverse, high and low gears, capable of of towing 30 tons.

This tractor was used by the RAF in Malta up until the 50's when it scrapped. Two tractors and parts were recovered from a scrapyard which allowed one of then to be refurbished to full working condition.

This exhibit is used when required in its original role as an aircraft tractor.

RAF Accumulator Trolley

The Accumulator trolley is an essential piece of ground equipment and is used to start up aircraft engines. It is a simple construction, basically, a wooden box to house a bank of batteries, a switch,  indicator lamp and socket all mounted on a towable trolley. A heavy duty cable would be connected between the trolley and aircraft sockets to provide the necessary power for engine start up.

The Museum has 2 trolleys, one of which is fully operational. Both trolleys have been restored by the Museum.

Airfield Control Vehicle

This vehicle offers uninterrupted all-round vision and all the usual facilities expected of  a normal ATC tower.

The Museum vehicle is based on a Bantam Karrier truck,

It operated with the RAF in Malta and was presented to the Museum in 2012 by the Maltese aviation authorities.

This vehicle is currently awaiting restoration?

Safety Raiser

The full name for this important piece of equipment is - Adjustable Mobile Aircraft Servicing Platform Mk 2. The 'Safety Raiser' consists of a working platform, which is extensible, mounted on a scissors support frame on a steel-box frame chassis. Raising and lowering the platform is by hydraulic ram connecting the scissor arms from a hand operated pump. This 'Safety Raiser' was restored by the Museum and is in daily use when working at height on the aircraft.

Bedford QL-D Tanker

The Bedford QL (Quad-Long) series was produced between 1941/45 with over 50,000 built for the British Armed Forces.

The vehicle at the Museum is a former RAF Malta based Tanker/Refueller and is in good condition.

Volvo Feltvogn Jeep

On the 25th of September we received a telephone call from a Norwegian gentleman, Helge Messelt-Sæthershagen, asking us whether we wanted, as a donation, a Norwegian jeep. The next day members of the Museum went over to have a look at it and they agreed that the vehicle would be a good asset for the Museum, as a general purpose vehicle. We agreed to collect it the following day, prior to the donor’s departure for Norway. The jeep is a Volvo Feltvogn, a very sturdy four wheel drive vehicle, which is now on display in the Main Exhibition Hangar.

Trattorino Aero Portuale

Used by the Italian Air Force on the airfield for towing general ground equipment. Donated by the Italian Military Mission in Malta through the AFM Air Wing.

Austin Utility "Tilly"

The Austin 10 Utility Truck better known as the Austin 'Tilly' was derived from a civilian Austin 10 Saloon. The truck was slightly modified from the civilian version with a more powerful engine, water pump added, a larger fuel tank and 'cross country' tyres.

The Austin Tilly at the Museum is a well preserved example.

Standard Ensign Estate
Staff Car

The Ensign at the Museum was an Estate version used by the RAF in Malta as a staff car. It was donated to the Museum by a local person who had it maintained and road licenced up to 2009.

Pneumatic Servicing
Trolley Mk 1B

It is a low pressure pneumatic trolley which supplies compressed air from 5 to 100psi. It can be used for inflating tyres, sand blasting, spray painting, pneumatic tools, etc. Powered by a Petter petrol engine which drives a compressor it has and air reservoir, regulating and reducing valves. the Museum trolley was used by the RAF in Malta and ended up with Air Malta who donated it to the Museum when no longer required.


Aircraft Jacks

Ex RAF aircraft jacks donated by Air Malta. They were renovated by the Museum and are now working pieces of equipment.

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